Riff Raff Lifts Weights

Rapper Riff Raff Gets Pumped For Lifting

Riff Raff, the colorful rapper gives up the skinny fat look and starts lifting some weights.

A little research about this rapper shows a lot of amphetamine and cocaine usage that really ate away at his gains.

Some of his training techniques aren’t quite what you would consider normal or standard… but they work.

Riff Raff

Riff Raff is getting his hulk on, eating as much seafood as he can, he’s added quite a bit of muscle to his body and has started to transformed into a decent physique. He gained 30lbs in a month and has made a drastic change in how he looks.

10 Muscle Building Foods You Should Eat

  • Chicken – You can do literally anything with this.
  • Beef – Ground beef mixed with brown rice is my favorite.
  • Fish – Piles of tilapia is bomb.
  • Turkey – Not just for Thanksgiving.
  • Nuts – Peanuts, pecans, walnuts, or deez are all good to eat.
  • Cottage Cheese – Great for eating at night.
  • Rice – Healthy and fast digesting carbs.
  • Oatmeal – Stay full all day and get a good dose of fiber.
  • Olive Oil – Add for flavor and get plenty of nutritious fats.
  • Yogurt – Add fruit or granola to make a meal out of this.


Riff Raff Flexing

This goes to show that anyone can change if they want to put the time and effort into it.

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